Carbon Compensation

The Embassy of France in the United States has been operating a Green Embassy program since 2009 to mitigate its environmental impact. FACTS brings together French speakers and French organizers from the Embassy and they inevitably have to take the plane to join the different conferences. As we are aware of the great impact this mode of transportation has on CO2 emissions, we decided to compensate French related CO2 emissions through a partnership with GERES, an association supporting carbon reduction projects in developing countries.

Carbon footprint

The cumulative emissions of the Embassy staff and French speakers amount to 44.4 tons of CO2. To illustrate individual emissions, here are two examples: a plane journey from Washington DC to Montreal represent 789 km and 190 kg of CO2 and a journey from Paris to Montreal represent 5512 km and 1.17 tons of CO2.

Carbon offsetting and climate solidarity

We chose to offset our carbon emissions through GERES’ CO2solidaire program. GERES is an association that supports carbon reduction projects in developing countries. Their philosophy relies on the responsibility and commitment of developed countries as well as climate solidarity with developing countries.

Carbon offsetting and climate solidarity-500px

We chose to support one of their projects in Mali which aims to increase the production and dissemination of an improved stove in order to minimize household expenses, create jobs in local production, fight against deforestation and CO2 emissions.

You can find more information about the project in this document and video:


Carbon compensation – Mali project