Partners 2014


  • Embassy of France in the United States, Office for Science & Technology

    The Office for Science and Technology (OST) at the Embassy of France in the United States, a team of 24 staff members including professors, senior researchers and engineers located in the Embassy (Washington, DC) and 6 consular offices (Atlanta - Boston - Chicago - Houston - Los Angeles - San Francisco) is dedicated to bilateral FR-US collaborations in Science and Technology.

    The OST’s main priorities are to monitor and report advances in Science and Technology in the US through newsletters and diplomatic channels, promote bilateral partnerships in science, technology and innovation, Foster exchanges and increase mobility of researchers, doctoral students and entrepreneurs, serve as a liaison between French and American academic and scientific organizations as well as between the two countries’ central governments and the European Delegation, increase the visibility of France’s foremost laboratories, universities and start-ups, support young innovative companies and the internationalization of competitiveness clusters.

    Close collaboration between the OST and other diplomatic divisions, such as the Economic Department, the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France as well as French Research Organizations (CNRS, Inserm, CNES, CEA), allows the OST to efficiently handle the many economic and social implications of current science and technology issues.


  • Embassy of France in Canada, Office for Science & Technology

    Under the leadership of the Embassy of France in Canada, the Office for Science and Technology promotes and supports the development and recognition of French research and technological innovation worldwide by helping collaborations between local institutions and French organisations. The Office also has a major interest in developing student and researcher mobility.

    The office is composed of professors, researchers and engineers and is led by the adviser for Science and Technology, under the direct authority of the Ambassador. This network-based Office stretches across Canada, with the exception of the province of Quebec. Its headquarters are located in Ottawa, Ontario.

    This network is composed of two neighborhood services in the General Consulates of Vancouver and Toronto. This system allows the Office to be physically present in areas with great potential in research and technological innovation.

    The francophone province of Quebec has a specific cooperation service, and the “Consulat général de France à Québec” contributes, with the French Embassies in Ottawa and Washington in organizing the Montreal conference.

With the support of

  • Institut Français

    The Institut français is in charge of implementing France’s cultural action abroad. The agency was set up by the July 27, 2010 French Foreign Cultural Action Act and its enabling decree of December 30, 2010. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its role is to act as the conduit for a new, more ambitious “diplomacy of influence”, within the framework of French governmental policies and priorities. It will help to promote French influence abroad through greater dialogue with foreign cultures, while responding to the needs of France via a policy of listening, partnership and openness to other cultures.


  • Baker & McKenzie

    Baker & McKenzie defined the global law firm in the 20th century, and we are redefining it to meet the challenges of the global economy in the 21st .

    We bring to matters the instinctively global perspective and deep market knowledge and insights of more than 4,200 locally admitted lawyers in 76 offices worldwide. We have a distinctive global way of thinking, working and behaving – "fluency" – across borders, issues and practices.

    1. We understand the challenges of the global economy because we have been at the forefront of its evolution. Since 1949, we have advised leading corporations on the issues of today’s integrated world market. We have cultivated the culture, commercial pragmatism and technical and interpersonal skills required to deliver world-class service tailored to the preferences of world-class clients worldwide.

      Ours is a passionately collaborative community of 60 nationalities. We have the deep roots and knowledge of the language and culture of business required to address the nuances of local markets worldwide. And our culture of friendship and broad scope of practice enable us to navigate complexity across issues, practices and borders with ease.

  • Canadian Museum of Nature

    The Canadian Museum of Nature is a natural history museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Its collections, which were started by the Geological Survey of Canada in 1856, include all aspects of the intersection of human society and nature, from gardening to gene-splicing. The Museum is affiliated with the Canadian Museums Association, the Canadian Heritage Information Network, and the Virtual Museum of Canada.

  • Clean Energy BC

    Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC) aims at developing a viable clean power industry in British Columbia that serves the public interest by providing cost-effective electricity through the efficient and environmentally responsible development of the Province's energy resources.

  • Coeur des Sciences - UQAM

    Mis sur pied par l'Université du Québec à Montreal (UQAM), le Cœur des sciences est un centre culturel scientifique qui a pour mission de contribuer au développement de la culture scientifique du grand public et à la promotion de cette culture scientifique comme partie intégrante de la culture. Lieu de diffusion pour les scientifiques, mais aussi pour les artistes, il offre des activités variées telles des conférences, des débats, des spectacles, des projections de films, des balades urbaines, des excursions,  des ateliers et des expositions.

  • Full Sail University

    Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment and media industry. Founded in 1979, Full Sail has been recognized as one of the 2014 “Top 25 Graduate Schools to Study Game Design” by The Princeton Review, one of the Best Music Programs by Rolling Stone Magazine, and one of the Best Film Programs by UNleashed Magazine. Full Sail was named the 2014 “School/College of the Year” by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges, received the “21st Century Best Practices in Distance Learning Award” from the United States Distance Learning Association, and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Social Media Colleges by

    1. Full Sail offers on-campus and online Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate’s degree programs in areas related to Art & Design, Business, Film & Television, Games, Media & Communications, Music & Recording, and Web & Technology. Full Sail graduate credits include work on OSCAR®, Emmy®, GRAMMY®, ADDY®, MTV Video Music Award, and Spike VGX Video Game Award nominated and winning projects.

  • Hoggan

    Hoggan and Associates is a leading communications consultancy. For over 25 years they have helped clients to understand their audience and to be understood, to tell their story, and earn trust. Hoggan&Associates have also co-founded the famous Desmog Blog.

  • The Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability

    The Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability envisions a sustainable and climate-ready Los Angeles by ensuring the region as a whole is taking action to reduce our carbon footprint and is resilient to anticipated local impacts of climate change. To make this vision a reality, LARC brings together leadership from government, academia, business, and non-governmental organizations, who are committed to cooperating on regional carbon mitigation and working together on innovative strategies to address local climate change impacts.


    1. LARC and its members are on the cutting edge of regional and locally relevant climate research efforts, information sharing, and policy development.  This includes downscaled climate models, a LA County greenhouse gas inventory, and a regional storm surge model. Tying all of this work together, LARC has embarked upon a 3-year initiative to create a Framework for Climate Action.  In addition to being a clearinghouse of climate research, data, information, and policy guidance, the Framework is the structure for taking climate action in the LA Region.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Since 2001, the MIT-France Program has facilitated connections between MIT and leaders in research, industry, and innovation in France. MIT-France is housed under the umbrella of MIT’s flagship international education program, the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI). Rooted in the Mens et Manus tradition, MISTI matches MIT students with fully-funded internship, research and teaching opportunities abroad, and facilitates international faculty collaborations and develop partnerships with leading companies, research institutes and universities around the world. Our partners—companies, organizations, governments and MIT alumni around the world—benefit from purposeful interaction with MIT’s research community and the opportunity to develop collaborative ventures with MIT faculty and students.

    1. Every year, the MIT-France Program matches MIT students with research and internship opportunities in France. The program pre-selects from the top tier of MIT students. Candidates are from all levels and majors at the Institute and must complete two years of French courses and cultural preparation prior to their three to six month internships. The MIT-France network of host organizations includes leading companies, start-ups, research institutes, universities and NGOs.

      The MIT-France Seed Fund helps MIT faculty jump-start research collaboration with colleagues in France. Since 2001, the fund has supported 94 projects, resulting in long-lasting collaborations with frequent faculty and student exchanges, article publications and subsequent grants received.

  • Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

    Since its founding two decades ago, the mission of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies has been to create collaborative, interdisciplinary, basic research programs for scholars at all stages of their career. It is one of only 30 similar institutions worldwide devoted to the free pursuit of learning and research at the highest levels. The Institute's achievements include the creation of a significant community of scholars – more than 350 Faculty Associates in total – at the University of British Columbia and an even wider global community of individuals and partner institutions.

  • SFU Woodwards

    SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement supports public programming on social, environmental, academic and artistic themes through talks, workshops, events and community partnerships. The office provides community educational opportunities, artist talks and cultural events at SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts and in the community.

  • Tulane University

     Tulane is one of the most highly regarded independent research universities in the United States. Tulane offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in the liberal arts, science and engineering, architecture, business, law, social work, medicine and public health. research in many disciplines has flourished at Tulane through the establishment of centers such as the Tulane-Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research.

  • The Tyee

    The Tyee strives to be a widely read and respected independent online magazine that publishes news, reviews and commentary not typically covered by B.C. and Canada's mainstream media. It aims to inform and enliven the democratic conversation necessary to improve environmental, economic and social conditions.

    The Tyee won in 2013 the Excellence in Journalism Award from the Canadian Journalism Foundation. It also earned the Gold Canadian Online Publishing Awards in 2012.

    Hundreds of thousands of people across the province, country and globe visit The Tyee every month, including influentials and policymakers who have cited its stories in provincial and federal legislatures. The Tyee receives between 800,000 and one million pageviews each month.

  • University of California, Los Angeles

    The University of California, Los Angeles, is a public research university dedicated to the creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge for the betterment of a global society. To fulfill this mission, UCLA is committed to academic freedom in its fullest terms: open access to information, free and lively debate conducted with mutual respect for individuals, and freedom from intolerance. UCLA endeavors to integrate education, research and service so that each enriches and extends the others.

  • The University of Chicago French Club

    The University of Chicago French Club is a student organization that aims to promote French language and culture, unite francophiles and francophones and stimulate discussion on Franco-American relations and social, political and cultural issues in contemporary France. With over 700 members, the French Club is the largest French institution on the South Side of Chicago and is open to everyone. From monthly apéros to high-level speaker events, find out more about what we offer at: and on Facebook.

  • University of Ottowa

    The University of Ottawa is the larges bilingual (English-French) university in the world. Located at the heart of Canada's capital, uOttawa has ready access to the great institutions of our country. Their advances in social sciences, health, science and the humanities make uOttawa a unique place to learn, grow and excel. The University of Ottawa is a top 10 Canadian research university. 



  • BC Innovation Council

    BCIC encourages the development and application of advanced or innovative technologies to meet the needs of industry in BC. We accelerate technology commercialization by supporting startups and developing entrepreneurs. With our partners, BCIC delivers programs and initiatives that promote company growth, resulting in jobs, increased revenue and economic development in BC. BCIC is a Crown Agency of the Province of British Columbia.

  • David Suzuki Foundation

    The David Suzuki Foundation is a science-based organization that has been finding solutions to climate change for more than 20 years.

     The foundation works in Canada with diverse partners to enact ground-breaking policy solutions at provincial and municipal levels. Some achievements include the implementation of B.C.’s Climate Action Plan and carbon tax and Ontario’s phase out of coal-fired power and renewable energy prioritization through the Green Energy and Green Economy Act.

    1.  We’re partners with the Canadian Academy of Engineering on a research and modelling effort (the Trottier Energy Futures Project) to develop a blueprint for how Canada can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (by 80 per cent by 2050) while enhancing quality of life.

      The shift toward a zero-emission energy system is complemented by our work with business to showcase the economic significance and potential of Canada’s clean energy economy.

       The foundation profiled the IPCC’s fifth global assessment on the science, risks and solutions related to climate change for Canada.

       We also promote sustainable transportation and investment in green infrastructure –- solutions for healthy cities that help shield communities from the impacts and risks of climate change.


  • Foresight

    Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre is a not-for-profit Canadian company with a mandate to help make Western Canada the world’s leader in the development of clean technology.  Through thought leadership, business guidance, targeted expertise, and access to both business and capital networks, our goal is to jumpstart the process of developing profitable, high-growth business models for taking advanced technology from the R&D stage to commercialization and beyond. 

    1. In partnership with the BC Innovation Council, the program provides a variety of tools to help our participants learn how to critically evaluate their business fundamentals, develop their skills, overcome barriers, and prepare their companies for success. Our roster of experienced CEOs works directly with the entrepreneurs in our program, providing them with a combination of real-world mentorship and encouraging a disciplined approach to growing a technology company from R&D to start-up to commercial success.

  • The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

    The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) is a dynamic knowledge network that brings together leading researchers from British Columbia (BC) and around the world to study the impacts of climate change and to develop positive approaches to mitigation and adaptation.

    1. Created in 2008 with a major endowment from the BC Ministry of the Environment, PICS is hosted and led by the University of Victoria in collaboration with BC’s three other research-intensive universities: Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia and the University of Northern British Columbia.

      The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) partners with governments, the private sector, other researchers and civil society, in order to undertake research on, monitor, and assess the potential impacts of climate change and to assess, develop and promote viable mitigation and adaptation options to better inform climate change policies and actions.

  • Southern California Gas Company

    Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) is the largest natural gas distribution utility in the United States, providing safe and reliable energy to 21.1 million consumers through 5.8 million meters in more than 500 communities throughout Central and Southern California. At SoCalGas, protecting the environment is part of our culture.  We partner with customers to help reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency and we make sure that our own operations reflect environmental best practices. 

  • EDF Renewable Energy

    EDF Renewable Energy is a leading U.S. independent power producer with more than 25 years of expertise in the renewable industry, covering all range of services from project development, management to operations and maintenance. EDF Renewable Energy specializes in wind and solar photovoltaic with presence in other segments of the renewable energy market: biogas, biomass, hydro, marine energy and storage solutions. The company develops, constructs, operates and manages renewable energy projects throughout North America for its own accord as well as for third parties. 

    1. EDF Renewable Energy’s North American portfolio consists of 5.7 gigawatts of developed projects with 2.8 gigawatts of installed capacity. The company is dedicated to creating a sustainable energy economy through the deployment of renewable energy resources. Headquartered in San Diego, EDF Renewable Energy is the U.S. subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles. EDF Energies Nouvelles is the renewable energy arm of the EDF group, the leading electricity company in the world.

  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

    LADWP is committed to reducing carbon emissions and meeting aggressive renewable energy goals, complying with stringent water quality requirements, and conserving vital water and energy resources, while providing safe, reliable, and affordable water and power to the City of Los Angeles.

  • Vancity

    Vancity is a values-based financial co-operative serving the needs of its more than 501,000 member-owners and their communities through 57 branches in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Victoria and Squamish. As Canada’s largest community credit union, Vancity uses its $17.5 billion in assets to help improve the financial well-being of its members while at the same time helping to develop healthy communities that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

  • UCS Sea Grant

    The University of Southern California (USC) Sea Grant program – the “Urban Ocean” program – supports research on marine science and policy, focusing on the ecosystem services and benefits as well as coastal impacts of having a major urban center adjacent to the ocean. Through our technical assistance and educational programs, we translate scientific information and make it accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, including policy-makers, interested citizens, students and educators.  

    1. Our areas of interest span from water quality, sea level rise, ocean acidification and coastal marine science, to maritime affairs and port security. USC Sea Grant is playing a major role in sea level rise and coastal change planning in the Los Angeles (L.A.) region through both an L.A. City-focused sea level rise vulnerability assessment as well as through the ongoing Regional AdaptLA project, which provides state-of-the-art science and technical support to coastal communities. We strive to enhance local capacity through training programs, planning and decision-making support, and stakeholder engagement.