Donald Boesch

Donald F. Boesch is a Professor of Marine Science and President of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and University System of Maryland’s Vice Chancellor for Environmental Sustainability.  He earned his B.S. in biology at Tulane University and Ph.D. in oceanography at the College of William and Mary.  Don has conducted research on coastal and continental shelf ecosystems along the Atlantic Coast, and in the Gulf of Mexico, eastern Australia, and the East China Sea. He serves as a member of the Maryland Governor’s Bay Cabinet and was appointed by President Obama to the Gulf Oil Spill Commission.  In recent years, Don has been engaged in assessing the impacts of global climate change, co-authoring several reports for the state, federal government and National Academy of Sciences, including Global Warming and the Free State, Global Climate Change in the United States, and America’s Climate Choices.   Earlier this year, he led a panel of scientists that updated sea-level rise projections for Maryland at the request of Governor O’Malley.  Don also leads a program called MADE CLEAR to advance climate change education throughout Maryland and Delaware.