Kate White

Kathryn (Kate) White is the President and CEO of the United Nations Association in Canada. She has creatively and successfully led the Association since 2003 as it meets its important mandate across the country. For the previous twenty-five years, Kate had been the head of Black & White Inc. an Ottawa-based international consultancy specializing in policy research, education and citizen engagement, integrating risk management and risk perception into initiatives and solutions. She has been recognized nationally and internationally for her leadership in issues ranging from youth-at-risk, climate change, disaster and crisis response and mitigation, corporate social responsibility, international peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Her policy and public engagement work included initiatives on the use of civil dissent in multilateralism (“Integrating Dissent” Foreign Policy); on the role of third party facilitators in peace negotiations; and on the role of civil society in solution-seeking in Cyprus, which led to the Annan Accord.

Kate White currently serves as the Chair of the Executive Committee of the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA).