Nat Miullo

Nat Miullo works for the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8, in Denver, Colorado. Over a 30plus years career with industry and EPA, he has experienced many challenges including administering almost all of EPA’s Programs. Nat has worked with several state, local and non-governmental organizations to resolve complex environmental and human health conundrums, develop organizational policy and programs with great success, including foreign nations in Malaysia, and providing advice to others working in Viet Nam and Thailand.  Nat prefers a hands on approach to solving problems, has been a technical expert, project manager, enforcement officer, expert witness for the Department of Justice, program manager, trained facilitator, speaker, watershed coordinator and adviser to communities, and the EPA Regional Administrator on energy and revitalization. He has managed oversight of cleanup sites on a broad spectrum from values of hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars in clean up study, design and implementation costs and supervised staff in many program areas dealing with complex human health and environmental protection programs. Nat currently is EPA’s representative for the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF).  Nat is the Region’s coordinator on assuring implementation by all federal agencies of the White House’s Counsel on Environmental Quality Climate Change 2015 Guidelines for the National Environmental Policy Act. His current title is: Lead NEPA Reviewer and EPA Region 8’s Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Adviser.