Richard Peltier

Union Jack

Pr. Richard Peltier is a physicist and climate scientist at the University of Toronto who is Director of its Centre for Global Change Science and Scientific Director of the SciNet facility for high performance computation at which University of Toronto global warming projections are produced.

He is the recipient of the Vetlesen, Bower, Hertzberg and Killam Prizes for his research on Earth Systems and was a lead author on the IPCC fourth assessment report. His scientific interests include long timescale climate variability and change including the astronomical theory of ice ages and the global sea level rise caused by the modern global warming process. His research also includes mathematical work on the fluid mechanical processes involved in atmospheric and oceanographic waves and turbulence.



Richard Peltier est physicien et chercheur spécialiste du climat à l’université de Toronto. Il est directeur du Centre des sciences des changements planétaires dans la même université.

Il a reçu les Prix Vetlesen, Bower, Hertzberg et Killam pour ses travaux de recherche sur les systèmes terrestres.